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  • Donuts anyone ?

    Crochet donut

    Today, it’s the National Donut day in USA and since it’s been a long time I had a crush on this donut pattern, from Tanya Eberhardt, that was the perfect thing to knit to celebrate donut day ! But I didn’t want to make a simple donut, but one who smells good, one I could put in […]

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  • A crochet toad for a Prince

    Amigurumi frog or toad

    Valentine’s day is around the corner, and I need a prince. Why not crochet a toad for a prince then ? I ran into that pretty frog pattern, initially made as a princess frog, but I’ve decided to knit mine as a prince 🙂 I had several unused skeins of cotton in a box, and […]

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  • A broomstick lace scarf

    Broomstick stitch crochet scarf

    I’ve seen this stitch a long while ago and immediately felt in love with it 🙂 It took me from then a lot of time to check how to knit (or actually to crochet) that Broomstick lace stitch (also known as peacock stitch), but I’ve finally made it thanks to that video : and so, […]

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  • 10 ideas to crochet for baby

    Crochet for kids

    A friend of mine wants to treat a pregnant friend, and so she asked me to knit or crochet something for the baby In between my imagination, Pinterest, and Ravelry,  I’ve found  a list of pretty cute and silly things to crochet for baby. So here are some of the things that I consider 🙂 1 – […]