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    A while ago, I saw on Instagram a post from a designer, ambah, looking for pattern tester for her new creation : a shawl made with knitting. Perfect for me ! And it was also the good chance for me to knit some of my hand-dyed yarn from my shop for that Merinda shawl, (and you’ll find […]

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  • Black Death Shawl

    Black death shawl

    In case you havn’t noticed, I’m into a “knitting shawl” phase. It will probably end really soon, but not yet and here’ another piece of knitting: I immediatly loved the Black Death shawl pattern because it is classy, yet simple and elegant It was also a good way for me to knit some of the yarn from […]

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  • Frozen framboisier socks


    Knitting socks ? CHECK !!!! Wouhouuuuuuuuuu ! 🙂 It’s been so long since I wanted to reach that milestone ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Once again, fear was paralysing me more than difficulty, apprehension. I took a class last year (well, in the end of 2014), when I was in USA, to learn how to knit socks, […]

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  • Knitsgiving 2015


    Being born just between Thanksgiving and Xmas (on December 1st), I’ve decided last year, that from now on, my birthday will also be a Knitsgiving day. A day where I’ll be thankful for what I have, and will give back. Knitsgiving ! (I tell you more about that here) And so, this year again, I […]

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  • That’s a Bo Bonnet !

    Bo Bonnet

    Pun intended for this improvisation of a hat, named “Bo bonnet”. (Beau in French means “pretty”, and “bonnet” being the word for Hat) Here is how I made it : Material required: Double poined needles (I used Addi needles – size 11 ) Stitch marker 1 skein of Chunky Yarn Woola Oops (I used: “Cold Evening) 109 yards / 100g skein Tapestry […]

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  • Willamette Falls Shawlette

    Willamette Falls shawlette

     I’ve already told you about the Portland Yarn Crawl, and this Willamette Falls Shawlette was one of the pattern created for this event. It took me a while to figure out which yarn I’d use to knit this one, and I actually left that pattern in my head for a while, waiting for the perfect […]

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  • SLICE cowl

    SLICE cowl

    Improvising something when knitting : it’s been a while I havn’t done it. And this time, I wanted to create a cowl So I’ve decided to use my  “Lemon Pie” yarn At first, I thought I would knit leg warmers, like aerobic vintage superstars, but then I thought that there were fe chances I ever wear […]

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  • Patriot socks

    Patriot socks

    Knitting patriot socks ? That’s easy ! All I needed was a skein of my hand-dyed sock yarn “Ze patriot” 🙂 464 yards for 100g, and I had some yarn left after this pair of patriot socks, so it will be used for patriot stripes  ! 🙂 I recently told you about Tipanda ‘s project with  #les12petonsduHerrgeneral (until march 2017, trying […]