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  • 2015 – a year growing up


    It’s that time of year where you look in the past, look ahead, learn from it and check what you’ve achieved so far. And since these days, Woola Oops is also celebrating its very first birthday, let’s look at what happened in 2015 🙂 2015 has been an intense year, not an easy one to […]

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  • Socks of kindness

    Socks of kindness

    After a long phase knitting shawl, I believe I’m starting a “I knit socks” kind of phase. And the name of these ones was really appealing : Socks of Kindness it’s a free pattern (go for it) ! I had the perfect yarn for them : “Funky Dino”, sock yarn from my shop. The thought of having funky […]

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  • People, cliché, yarn… and me


    This morning, I had a meeting/training to learn how to find finance/loan when you create your company. This was held by a banker, and there was 12 others people attending. At first, we had to introduce ourself and tell about our project of company. And that’s when I had to explain to a guy (quite rude) […]

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  • How to protect your yarn from moth


    One day, while having a conversation with a friend, talking about my HUUGGGGGEEEEEEE stock of yarn, that he mentionned something I never thought about it : “you’d better protect your yarn from moth” then ! and I have to confess that I’ve never thought about it before… 🙁 From that moment, I had that vision of all […]

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  • A logo for Woola Oops


    On February 12th 2014, I get a new tattoo, and met Levi Greenacres for the first time. But I didn’t know then, that it will lead to a friendship 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 And so, when I had this idea to create this new identity, to talk and share about my knitting, my yarn addiction, and, soon, my dyeing […]