Yarnbombing in Clermont-Ferrand for an association

Yarnbombing - Petits Frères des Pauvres - Clermont-Ferrand-14

Next week, it’s going to be a year I’ve settled down in Clermont-Ferrand.

One of the first things I’ve done after mooving here was to contact the charity organisation “Les Petits Frères des Pauvres” in Clermont-Ferrand.

This association is special to me and means a lot for many reasons.

I’ve already volunteered several times for them when I was living around Paris (I did a photo documentary of their Christmas celebration), but also, in Clermont-Ferrand,  was part of the team offering free roses around town for the “journée des fleurs” – a mission that made me want to help reconnect people even more…

Volunteering as a way to socialise in this town and force myself to get out  and not focus 24/24 on my business. Volunteering to share, help, chat, challenge myself, to give, through things I know how to do best.

But also, volunteering because I truly think that you need to share to the world, all the kindness, sweetness and good intentions you’ve received in your life from others

I would think it’s a shame to keep everything for yourself,when  it’s so much more interesting to splash others with a hints of goodwill, a massive dose of kindness, or just glitter (or yarn !) 🙂

To my surprise, despite the size of the city of Clermont-Ferrand (about 110.000 people living here), this association is quite small and unknown compared to their many offices around Paris.

Here it is also often mistaken with  “Les petites soeurs des pauvres”, another charity organisation, but religious one though, mainly mistaken because of that one very famous Business owner from here, François Michelin, spent his last days of life being taken care by “Les Petits Soeurs…”

Therefore, it meant even more to me to make sure that Les PETITS FRERES des PAUVRES was more known around town. Especially since they don’t even have a religous mission !


“Flowers before bread”, that’s the motto of this association, and I think that it’s part of the reason why I feel so close to their actions. Non vital doesn’t mean not important.

And yarnbombing seems almost like a perfect  match for this concept too ! Because sometimes a bit of futility and trivial is what makes the day a better one 🙂

This association has one mission :  Fight against the loneliness feeling of people over 50 years old.

Therefore, last November, we launched together :

“Tricotons du lien” 

(Let’s knit connection)

The goal of this project ?

A big yarnbombing project at Place du Mazet, where the office of that association is located.

They only have 2 permanences where the office is open, and so it doesn’t really help the neighbours and people walking by to notice the association. Especially with that big iron curtain in front of it (but they don’t own the place so they cannot’ really do anything to change this) 🙁

So we decided to knit and crochet using the colors of their logo, light blue and bright green, and we added some white too, because 3 colors is much better than 2.

And since actually the logo is almost always on a white background, it makes even more sense actually



That’s my way to help this association, but not only :

Since last November, every Tuesday evening (until yesterday), I’ve been organising knitting and crochet evening at their office, and managed to have people coming around to learn how to knit or crochet, or at least help me in this yarnbombing project (thank you social medias !) 🙂

Knitting by yourself is nice and efficient, but knitting with others is definitely more fun and makes you more happy too ! 🙂


But also, look at this : it matches with the goal of that association : let’s knit connection !

Together is better !

And I have to say : we had quite a good time !  Sometimes we were 2, sometimes 12, but we were having fun, laughing and chatting all the times ! 🙂


I’m glad I had the chance to try to teach knitting and crochet basics to some people (I have doubt I could explain correctly, but it apparently went quite well and easily too !) – TOTAL PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT  ! 🙂

Thanks to me, in this new town of mine, there are now more knitters and crocheter, AND I LOVE THAT IDEA ! 🙂




Also, in terms of paperwork and administrative process, it was for me a good test to learn what’s behind managing such a project for real, and seriously.

My previous  yarnbombings were made by myself only, and set up in freestyle (I set up whenever and wherever I want, without asking for a permission) because well, that’s how yarnbombing used to work as a street art.

So this time it was a different approach. Team work, an entire project with a deadline, a dynamic, and a final vision in mind (yes, I’m a photographer with visions sometimes)

Here is the logo that Claudie made (big respect to her for that because I know how many hours of work it means)

I AM A FAN ! 🙂


Tricotons du lien- small-3

We choosed cheap acrylic yarn of cours 🙂

Here is a banner we made, with the name of the association on it

And a little teasing during our first fitting, mid-April.

And so today was the big day : we finally settled this , and finished right in time (but it was short !)

Thank you Anne for the sunscreen, I havn’t thought about it but I think you saved my neck with that

Here are some photos of the yarnbombing project finished. It looks like what I had in mind so I’m really glad with it !

We had very positive feedbacks and compliments from people walking by, so it is a very nice thing : WE REACHED OUR GOAL !


I hope you’ll enjoy this

A HUGE THANK YOU to those who helped me creating this entire project.

Thank you to knitters and crocheters who came by even for a minute, but most of all, THANK YOU to the ones who were there often enough to be missed when they weren’t here : Anne, Ginger, Leslie-Fleur, Céline, Claudie, Valérie, Khalil

🙂 <3 🙂

Tonight I’m a bit sad, but most of all very mooved by the end of this 6months long project (half of my stay in this town).

But I’m also a bit excited to think I’ll be able to focus now on new personal yarnbombing projects

I am going now to take a little break with volunteering, until mid-September, mainly because it’s the beginning of my Wedding photography season, but I already have ideas about knitting projects I could link with charity organisations, and this very special one association.



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