10 ideas to crochet for baby

Crochet for kids

A friend of mine wants to treat a pregnant friend, and so she asked me to knit or crochet something for the baby

In between my imagination, Pinterest, and Ravelry,  I’ve found  a list of pretty cute and silly things to crochet for baby.

So here are some of the things that I consider 🙂

1 – Shark baby sock

I think they are hilarious, here’s the patern here

chaussettes requin

This designer also has an aligator one available 😉

2- A baby mobile

I’ve found plenty of pretty cute ideas, and I like this  butterfly one


this really cute cloud

mobile nuage

and even better : fish ! 🙂

(I love the little seaweeds, perfect extra detail that makes it so special !)

fish crochet mobile

Here is another variant here

3- A mermaid sleeping sacks

Too just and just not too cheesy either, I just love this  here is the pattern ! 🙂

mermaid crochet

4- A prince(ss) crown

Not that a baby really needs one, but it is too cute, and so, too tempting not to crochet one 🙂

Here is the pattern here

couronne crochet

5 – Baby blanket

Of course, there are plenty of options when it’s about baby blankets, but here is some that I would add to my own birth gift list 🙂

I really love this owl blanket

baby blanket crochet

and this watermelon blanket ! 🙂

couverture pastèque

A truck blanket maybe? truck blanket

6 – A bottle cozy

Let’s admit it : this is cute ! 🙂

and it may lead to a baby addicted to its bottle 🙂

Here is the pattern for it

biberon bottle

7- Framed anima trophy

These ones could totally be another reason to want to have kids 🙂

trophy animal

8- Furry animal friend

These days I’m going through a daschung phase.

Waiting for the day to cross these cute pet from my list, I sugget you have a look at that website, there are plenty of fun and cute ideas to crochet for baby

doudou crochet

9- Mittens

I could easily think that crochet and mittens and not the best together (better to knit, especially for babies), but when looking at this, all I want is to have a pair of these… I believe then that a baby should get one too 🙂


Here is the pattern for these

baby mittens crochet

10- Boobie hat

Yes, this is silly, but well, what did you expect else from me?


Oh so shocking, maybe, but well, funny too, especially if you’re breastfeeding 😉

Here’s a free pattern for you 

boobie hat

So here we are, you now have an even bigger crochet for baby list of ideas 🙂

By the way, what’ s on your list ?

Feel free to share with me your silly and creative ideas 🙂

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