A while ago, I saw on Instagram a post from a designer, ambah, looking for pattern tester for her new creation : a shawl made with knitting.

Perfect for me !

And it was also the good chance for me to knit some of my hand-dyed yarn from my shop for that Merinda shawl, (and you’ll find it on Ravelry here) and so I’ve picked :

pelotes Woola oops

Mostly made knitting, with some eyelet stripes, for about  1200 yards of yarn.

Merinda shawl (2)

Merinda Shawl - small-2

Merinda Shawl - small-16

Merinda Shawl - small-3

It grows slowly on my needles because of the stitches used, and that’s maybe the down side of this shawl : a bit frustrating and a bit of a feeling, sometimes, that it takes forever…

But, it’s all well balanced by the beauty of these stripes, and the softness of it all ! 🙂

And in the end, testing a pattern is not that tough, especially if there are some ladies who knit much faster than you do and correct all the potential mistakes they found. (not that many in this case !)


So after some long hours being addicted and obsessed with this Merinda shawl, (like : I knitted until 2am to finish it, after 10 days of intense knitting – about 50 hours), here it is, finished, and ready to be worn, and look pretty on top of the hill !

or like here, on top of the old volcano Puy de Dôme !

and here is a special THANK YOU to my friend Sandra who was still ok to pose for me with that shawl, although it was freezing cold outside !


Merinda Shawl - small-24

Merinda Shawl - small-17Merinda Shawl - small-23Merinda Shawl - small-22

The designer of this pattern will make a few correction to that pattern to make sure noones runs out of yarn (because it happened to some of us, testers – glad it wasn’t me !) :), but that Merinda shawl will soon be available on line on Ravelry.

Which means, in some ways, that mine is a unique piece, and that’s just another reason to want to test more patterns in the future.


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