A crochet cotton basket with Ice Yarn

Ice yarn - Basket (17)

My friend Aurelie gave me some pretty grey and pink ICE Yarn bulky  (95% cotton and 5 % elastan), and it was a perfect timing !

Ice yarn bulky - Basket

I just mooved to a new place, after several months being a nomad, and I was mising thing, and actually couldn’t figure out how to organise my flamenco  combs and flowers :

Ice yarn - knitting a Basket

So I’ve decided to crochet a basket with that ICE YARN, using a  Crochet #10mm . Quite intense, let’s say it.

Crocheting with such a big tool is tough for your wrist, but in the same time : it goes pretty fast ! 🙂

Ice yarn - Basket (10)

Crochet one stitch, and then insert several stitch into it to create a circle, and from there, add stitches again and again until you reach the size you want for the base…

And from then, you keep crocheting in circle, but without adding any extra stitch, and it will  take shape by itself… EASY ! 🙂

Ice yarn - Basket

and since I had 3 skeins (2 greys and one pink) of ICE yarn, I’ve been able to knit plenty !

So I’ve decided to create differente size of little basket, my bathroom will be happy to get things to store accessorize and jewels ! 🙂


Ice yarn - Basket

Ice yarn - Basket

Easy and fast, it took me about 4 hours to crochet these. Crocheting cotton, in such a huge size was also quite nice (it is soft !) 🙂

And here I am, now, happy owner of  matching pink and grey baskets !  🙂 🙂 🙂

Ice yarn - Basket

Did you ever try this ?


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