Knitting a stripes improvisation


It’s been a while I wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone and create a pattern.

And I needed some stripes in my life too 🙂

Thinking about it, last year, at that exact same time, I still barely could follow a pattern, and was improvising knittings and crochet things (but most of all : always knitting the same thing, over again – but let’s not talk about this, right ?) 🙂

And then I tried !

But, well, how to say this… you know, there are still a lot to do, as you’ll see  later on this post : I just couldn’t manage myself to write the damn pattern ! I get quickly bored to stop knitting to write  how to knit it, thinking then I’ll do it later, and then, ending not doing it at all.

VoilĂ .

Mea culpa

But well, since the idea was to knit some of my colors from my store (because that’s why it’s so great to be an indie dyer, right ? You’ve got plenty of yarn all around you and you can pick whatever you love best, to knit it 🙂

So let me know how I knitted this improvisation, hoping you’ll enjoy this, waiting for the day when I’ll be able to write a pattern properly :

I’ve picked 2 skeins of yarn : one “Saphir”,  and one “Leçon d’Ă©criture”

 Présentation Saphir

Présentation - Leçon d'écriture

464 yards for 100g, knitted with needles size 3.25 mm.

And then, here’s how I did it :

1 – Add a stitch on one side at each row, and for the other side : knit 2 together stitch on a row out of 4

2 – For the pattern, I alternate stripes of increasing size

3 – Each time I started a new color stripe, I alternate eyelets and slipped stitches on stripes

Lazy Sunday 😉 #knitting #knittersofinstagram #tricot #instagood #yarnporn #knitstagram #indiedyer #fluffypillow

Une photo publiée par Woola Oops (@woolaoops) le

and here is how it looks like once finished ! 🙂

Sailor shawl - small-2

Sailor shawl - small

But it looks of course, much better if someone wears it 🙂

and that’s my friend HĂ©lène, from “La TĂŞte dans les Idees” modeling here ! 🙂

Châle crée par moi - small-6 Châle crée par moi - small-10

and now, my next goal will be to create a pattern, for real this time, and write it, of course !


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