A baby waistcoat in crochet

Gilet bébé - small-7

Should I tell you the story of the girl who learn about her friend’s pregnancy, at 7months,, without noticing anything before ? (I still wonder how I did it to not even see, or hear her talk about that, although she mentionned she really didn’t make a fuss about it). 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, I’d rather focus on how a great news this is, how exciting I am to meet this new baby, and how a great opportunity it is for me to finally knit baby things. (I don’t have any friends pregnant around me, or at least I thought so) 🙂

So let’s celebrate, that’s a great news ! 🙂

And so, I’ve decided to crochet something for her baby, and picked that pattern, easy and quick, size 0 to 3 months.


gilet bébé Claire small-3

I picked a skein of hand-dyed yarn by Woola Oops, color “Tempête” –

Pour réaliser ce gilet, j’ai choisi une pelote de hand-dyed yarn by Woola Oops, color “Tempête”

(100% merino)

Présentation - tempête

and a bit of leftover “navy”, to create that little stripe border.

That baby waistcoat was easy to create, and important thing : no need to sew anything (and that’s a big thing for me because I hate that part, and I am really bad at it).

So here are, in photos, the different step to make it 🙂

Gilet bébé - small

Gilet bébé - small-3

Gilet bébé - small-4

time to work on sleeves…

Gilet bébé - small-7

And then add a little border with a leftover of “Navy” yarn

And an extra row of “Tempête”, and we’re done ! 🙂

gilet bébé Claire small-2


That color is not really among my favorite yarn available on line, but at least, it’s not common, and in some ways, it looks like a cloud !


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