My Begonia Swirl shawl

Begonia Swirl - tricot chale - entete

When I ran into the “Begonia swirl” shawl pattern on  Ravelry, I immediately felt in love with it.

(that pattern is free, so you should go for it !) 🙂

A huge crush, but also a pattern that was a bit too impressive for me at first, so I just kept in in my mind, waiting for the right time to knit it.

And then, one day at my city flea market, I found the perfect color for it. Someone was selling 12 skeins of Bergère de France sport (51% yarn, 43% acrylic, 6% chlorofibres) 50g for 82m/ 89yards.

That color made me think of that Begonia Swirl shawl.

  Begonia Swirl - tricot chale-10

And so, since I’ve found the perfect yarn for it (and it only cost me 5€ !), I just needed to start knitting 🙂

In the end, that project was a bit more impressive than it was actually difficult. “Begonia Swirl” is in fact easy to knit.

What’s more annoying about it is more the amount of stitches increasing more and more at each rows.

Begonia Swirl - tricot chale-4

Begonia Swirl - tricot chale-3

Begonia Swirl - tricot chale-6

But with a bit of patience, I finally reached the flower lace part, where each row seemed endless : for the last rows, I had more than 650 stitches on my needles !

It took me about an hour to knit a row, and really, although I knew I was so close to the end of it, it seemed endless. 🙂

Begonia Swirl - tricot chale-12

But with a bit of patience, and few episods of a TV show (a season of “Californication” later!), here we go, I was done knitting that Begonia Swirl shawl !

It is impressive, and I won’t lie : I’m quite proud ! 🙂

Here how it looks totally done :

Begonia Swirl - tricot chale-7

but it’s really best when you wear it of course ! 🙂

Begonia Swirl - tricot chale-9

Begonia Swirl - tricot chale-8

Even if, now it’s done, I wonder and would have chosen a thiner yarn, I still really love it !

(and I have the perfect pair of boots to match the color of that shawl !)

It is huuugggge and really pretty ! Perfect for the pretty colors of Fall !

What color would you have knit this shawl ?

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