My big Herringbone cowl

Knitting Herringbone stitch cowl (4)

I’ve seen my friend Jakecii in France, knitting this Big Herringbone cowl project through a KAL she launched.

I’ve followed most of the knitters on Twitter through that project, and I’ve seen the results of it, and loved it.

And so, it’s been a while I keep that Herringbone stitch in mind, and that project on my list, waiting for the right time (and the perfect yarn), to come in my life 🙂

And it was about time ! 🙂

The good thing when you wait for things and work on a project after everybody else has done it, is that you can benefit from the feedbacks 🙂

I actually did that project twice before writing about it here. The first time I used a cheap acrylic yarn, and it turned out looking ok, but well, that’s the thing when you’re used to knit more precious fibers : getting back to the cheap thing and to acrylic specifically doesn’t really fit my requirements anymore.

Knitting Herringbone stitch cowl (2) Knitting Herringbone stitch cowl (18)

I’m glad if that fiber makes you happy, but as for me, I’ll focus from now on, to knitting other fibers (and use acrylic for yarnbombing only) 🙂


And then, I used another yarn, 2 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light Yarn – Turquoise Mix, bought at Twisted

Knitting Herringbone stitch cowl (9)

So, how about the Herringbone stitch cowl ?

Everything is explained on that video :

I’d say it’s quite tough to knit it at first (at least for the first few rows), but then, once you’re getting used to it, you can almost knit it without watching your needles 🙂

and by the way, as recommended on the video : you definitely want to use bigger needlees than suggested on the yarn sticker for that stitch. 🙂

Knitting Herringbone stitch cowl (4)

That Herringbone stitch is definitely one I’ll keep in mind for other project because it looks really pretty (if you don’t mess up with it), thick, and a bit different from other stitches too 🙂

I like it both sides :

Knitting Herringbone stitch cowl (16) Knitting Herringbone stitch cowl (10)

Knitting Herringbone stitch cowl (13)

Also, I do think it’s quite a nice stitch when you want to knit for men 🙂

Have you tried it ? any suggestion ?


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