Blaa ble hat – avery cute sheep hat

Bonnet Baa Ble Hat - small-19

That sheep hat  is a fre pattern on Ravelry, it the Baa ble hat

That pattern was on my mind for a long time now, and winter being finally here, I saw it knitted here and there, on some blogs I follow and some facebook pages too.

It seems to me that this winter, it became a trendy pattern to knit, but also (and that’s what’s fun about it), a cute distinction sign among the knitting community.

How to tell others that you’re a knitter, without telling ? Just knit this one 😉

Quite easy to knit, it was also for me a chance to make another attempt at intarsia.

I used to be good at it and havn’t realy knitted anything with intarsia lately.

And when I tried, few months ago, to knit some mittens with a pattern, I totally messed it up.

The first, second and third time too…

But I wanted to make sure I’ll make it right this time for this cute hat, and to knit this, I used my yarns bought from my various travels


A blue gradient skein from Freia Fibers, that I found years ago when discovering Ravelry, and finally found a skein for real when visiting Portland

Bonnet Baa Ble Hat - small-12

2 skeins of Ice Yarn

Bonnet Baa Ble Hat - small-13

and another brown one from Fonty, “URGA” (50% yack, 50% merinos extra fine)

and of course, that pretty and free pattern : Baa ble hat

And here I am, from row to row, seeing my sheeps birth on my needles 🙂

Bonnet Baa Ble Hat - small

Bonnet Baa Ble Hat - small-3 Bonnet Baa Ble Hat - small-9

Bonnet Baa Ble Hat - small-16

In 2 days of work and with some extra care and focus, I was done with that hat

Bonnet Baa Ble Hat - small-18

I am quite proud of the results especially if you get to see my previous attempt at intarsia (but I won’t show it to you)

But I have to confess that I also really focused this time on knitting very loose, and stretch (draw out?) my yarns and colors very much, to make sure it’s not all curled up and tight.

And I need to confess something…

That sheep hat was so cute and fast to knit, that I’ve knitted a second one for a friend ! 🙂

Bonnet Baa Ble Hat - small-19

Since my blue yarn was a gradient one, I was curious to see how it will turn out, and that’s part of the things that decided me to knit a second one.


Although that hat really doesn’t match with my winter jacquet, I just can’t help to wear it, and really have to wear it everytime I need a hat.

It is definitely to me, a very cute sheep hat 🙂

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