Black Death Shawl

Black death shawl

In case you havn’t noticed, I’m into a “knitting shawl” phase.

It will probably end really soon, but not yet and here’ another piece of knitting:

I immediatly loved the Black Death shawl pattern because it is classy, yet simple and elegant

It was also a good way for me to knit some of the yarn from my store.

I had a hard time to pick up which skein and which color I’ll use, but I finally decided to knit “Violettes”, 100% merino, with needles 7

I’ll use 2 skeins for this “Black death” shawl

Violettes - good small

Some stitch markers, a bit of patience, and the work grows pretty fast

Châle Black Death - small-2

and it was quite a good pick to use this yarn : I can now admire the variation of the colors while knitting

(and I love it)


Châle Black Death - small-6 Châle - small

although it requires a little bit of focus, if you want it to look regular and not mess up with the pattern, really, there is nothing to be scared of.

Châle - small-7

Ending it with, as usual, endless rows (more than 200 stitches on my needles), that’s why I now can say that I’ll be soon done with my shawl phase : I’m loosing all my patience while knitting the last row of each shawl I’ve made.


But it remains easy though and also, this Black death shawl is quite impressive once opened : it is huge (I look like a purple eagle with it !)

It was freezing cold outside, and starting to rain, so I didn’t take photos of me wearing it, that tree in the park was my modele 🙂

chale - small-10

chale - small-9

When choosing the yarn, I hesitated between the purple skeins or the green ones.

I may try to knit these green ones now


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