Books about dyeing techniques


These past months, I’ve spent lots of time reading about dyeing technics….

I’ve been craving to learn about it, before considering experimenting it, and so here are the several books I’ve read so far.

Feel free to suggest me any books (in French too !), and I’ll add them to this list when I’ll be done reading it 🙂


A GARDEN TO DYE FOR – from Chris Mc Laughlin

This book deals with yarn but also with fabric, showing plants and recipes about how to use them and the results.

Unfortunately there is not everytime a photo for the resulting color for each plant…. so sometimes it’s difficult to figure out if you want to try it or not (especially since some processes seems to take a long time to get done)

But it’s a small shaped book, easy to read in transportations or when having a break, with plenty of tips.





A very complete book, with plenty of color ranges to show you the shades and tones you can get from each process, very useful to visualise what you may get, with a huge selection of plants, but also a chart helping you selecting the best dyeing method.

I really like this book ! 🙂



THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURAL DYEING – from Eva Lamber & Tracy Kendall

This one deals with fabrics, yarns and fibers.

I like the way recipes are shown : very simple and easy to understand

Methods are explained with photos, and it is really helpful 🙂


DYEING TO KNIT – from Elaine Eskesen

This one is among my favorite. Mainly because it shows about all the different way you can create and put the dye on the yarn, with plenty of photos to understand the process.

It also gives references and links to where you can find and buy your material and dyes, which is helpful !


SPINNING AND DYEING YARN – from Ashley Martineau

Big book, with a hard cover.

Plenty of photos, and about the spinning part : VERY INTERESTING AND USEFUL (explaining how to build a spinning Wheel !)

Dyeing section are well explained and get me to discover SOLAR DYE, which I havn’t found anywhere else 🙂




Photos explaining the step by step process, and patterns to show you how to make things real with your dyed yarn.

It is really gread because it talks about the different kind of dyes, in détails you can use… (kool aid and food coloring / kiton acid dyes…. pro washfast acid dyes, and some others….)



Have you read these ? Any suggestions for books who helped you ?


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