A crochet card wallet

Crochet card wallet

I could show you my card wallet, but I’m ashamed because it is so ruined and so old.

But on the good side of the story, it’s been 5 or 6 years I owned it already !

Knowing that it cost me 3 euros, I think it was a good investment ! 🙂

Now is time to make one to replace that very old card wallet.

I had yarn leftover to use, so that was a perfect project for this.

I’ve decided to make 2 of them, because I had the feeling that I may need a 2n attempt before it looks good (and let’s be honest here : we never have enough wallet anyway, right?) 🙂

So I used my left over of Leçon d’écriture and Malabar Princess, (I think I’m back into a pink yarn phase !  🙂

Présentation - Leçon d'écriturePrésentation - Malabar Princess

I doubled the yarn to be able to crochet it with a crochet size 4mm (US size 6), and also to make it more thick and less fragile, because that’s the most important thing.

I’ve found a crochet stitch I wanted to try : the start stitch.

I saw it at the CAL from Scheepjes . I really loved that stitch and so decided to make an attempt for this project.

That’s also why I wanted to crochet 2 wallets : one using a sprinkled yarn, and another one with just one color.

Here is a video of how to make that star stitch, you’ll see, it’s kind of easy, although watch out for your length, because mine ‘s size was really reduced.

My base was made of a chain of 37 (for the pink one), I made 2 rectangles :  20*15cm and 21*17

Pochette range carte - small Pochette range carte - small-2 Pochette range carte - small-4 Pochette range carte - small-5

Hop, folded in 2, and a bit of sewing later, I added a zip (17cm long)

Of course, I did it wrong for the 1st one (the pink), and sew it on the wrong side of the stitch, so, in order to show the pretty side of the pattern, I’ve decided that all the sewing will remain outside 🙁

But it is just a confirmation that indeed, I had to make 2 wallets !


Pochette range carte - small-9

Pochette range carte - small-10Pochette range carte - small-11Pochette range carte - small-13

And here is the wallet once finished !

I did the pink one first, and of course, when sewing the zip, I made a mistake, again, so my wallet is a bit twisted

(I think that was the 1st time I sew a zip)

I really like this start stitch though !

and I think it look good on both yarns

what do you think ?


Pochette range carte - small-15Pochette range carte - small-16

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