A crochet toad for a Prince

Amigurumi frog or toad

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and I need a prince.

Why not crochet a toad for a prince then ?

I ran into that pretty frog pattern, initially made as a princess frog, but I’ve decided to knit mine as a prince 🙂

I had several unused skeins of cotton in a box, and that was perfect for this project.

It’s quite easy at first to crochet legs

Grenouille - St Valentin - small-4

Grenouille - St Valentin - small-6 Grenouille - St Valentin - small-7 Grenouille - St Valentin - small-2

and then, that’s when your toad/frog starts to take shape, and look a bit silly in pieces 🙂

For the crown, I improvised a little one, crocheting this way :

a chain of 8 stitches, joined together, then double crochet each stitch of the first row…

and then, double crochet the first stich, make 4 chain stich, and then double crochet in the next stitch.

Grenouille - St Valentin - small-12

Assembling pieces together was easier than I thought 🙂

Grenouille - St Valentin - small-15

with a crown please, that’s a prince I need, not a simpe toad 😉

Since I havn’t read the pattern  before starting my project, I didn’t acknowledge that I needed a pipe cleaner to put inside the legs.

So I decided to sew mines in a way that they looked bent.

Grenouille - St Valentin - small-18 Grenouille - St Valentin - small-22

Adding a little heart was the extra piece to make it look better together

Grenouille - St Valentin - small-28

Grenouille - St Valentin - small-33

Grenouille - St Valentin - small-34

tadaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!

Now let’s kiss that toad and see what happen !




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