A different way of knitting… eyes closed


A different way of “seeing” things…


I’ve met Laure-Hélène at a party with friends, having drinks.

I immediately felt in a friendship love with her, her smile, her sense of humour, you know, that love at first sight with someone with a real charisma…

I have to admit also, that her cute black labrador, guide dog called “Flipper” added to her charm… a little silly dog but still a guide dog though ! 🙂

I immediately knew that I had to see her again !

And since I’m always talking about knitting to everybody, when Laure-Hélène, blind, told me that she’d love to learn how to knit, I giggled with excitement (yessssss, one more great lady in my knitting community !)

And honestly, I thought that if, being blind, she wanted to try and learn, I thought that I shouldn’t prevent her from experimenting and I should try and teach her.

Here was the challenge !


But I knew  that I would learn much more than her with that


So this morning, eyes closed, I tried to imagine how to explain her each movement (knowing that only avoiding to use “you see”, “look at”, and “look, there” seemed a pretty tough challenge)

After giving some thoughts to this, I’ve decided to bring her some of my very huge needles (size 20mm!), in case she also met a vampire on her way back home, at least she’ll have some weapon to break some hearts and kill demons too ! 😀

And I also brought thick yarn, ( Phildar Rapido, and Cascade Magnum huge skein )

aiguilles 20mm

Trying to teach her how to knit was an incredible experience.

It’s a total different perspective, another way of “seing” knitting, focusing on your raw gesture, the one where you feel from the very end of your fingers what is happening, and the one that ask your memory to record and remember each mooves.

And you know what ?

As suspected, Laure-Hélène, after several attempts, did great and took in the gesture !!!

Of course, there’s a long way to go, of course she’ll need to train, but I’ve been impressed, amazed, and that’s another lesson learnt today.


(also, it’s a bit reassuring, because it may means that my explanations where clear enough for her to understand) 🙂

So if you want to experiment a new challenge today, close your eyes, release your needles, and handle them again, eyes closed…

I think I want to reformat my way of knitting, in order to be even more in symbiosis with my yarn, with my needles, and forget about my automatic reflexes.

Today, I feel like I’ve just learnt how to knit, and it makes me pretty happy !


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