Donuts anyone ?

Crochet donut

Today, it’s the National Donut day in USA

and since it’s been a long time I had a crush on this donut pattern, from Tanya Eberhardt, that was the perfect thing to knit to celebrate donut day !

But I didn’t want to make a simple donut, but one who smells good, one I could put in my drawer to protect my clothes, and perfume them with lavender scent at the same time !

yeahhhhhhh donut in my closet !

Donuts - small-12

It’s quite simple and easy to make, and perfect thing : I had some yarn, from a natural dye test, that had the perfect color for the dough (I actually called that skein “yeast” I guess it was meant to be, right ?) 🙂



Follow my indie dyer yarn store, I may launh some skeins from my personnal test stock soon 😉

I also added some hand-dyed yarn left over (they are available here)

Myosotis, Zesty & Frozen Framboisier

Présentation - Myosotis

Présentation - Zesty

I had to double Frozen Framboisier, because it’s  a sock yarn and so very thin 🙂

Présentation - Frozen framboisier

Easy to make, so here are some photos to show you the process

I added some lavander inside them.

If you already ordered some of my yarn, you may have received some, I often add lavender in your order

I love the smell of lavander and since it also protects yarn from bugs, it’s the perfect flower (and smell !)

(one day, I’ll own a garden and will make my own lavander goodies)


Donuts - small-2

Donuts - small-3 Donuts - small-4 Donuts - small-6 Donuts - small-8 Donuts - small-9 Donuts - small-10

Some beads and white string of yarn later, Here we go : donuts anyone ?


 Donuts - small-13

Since  I made these ones, I also crochet a huge donut pillow (I’ll show you that sometimes)

I also consider making a mobile with little crocheted donuts

I think I’m into a donut phase

is it worrying, doctor ?


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