Frozen framboisier socks


Knitting socks ? CHECK !!!!

Wouhouuuuuuuuuu ! 🙂

It’s been so long since I wanted to reach that milestone ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Frozen framboisier - small-5

Once again, fear was paralysing me more than difficulty, apprehension.

I took a class last year (well, in the end of 2014), when I was in USA, to learn how to knit socks, and in the end, I never knit the 2nd sock (I’ve heard this is one of the main big deal of sock knitter : the missing 2nd sock and orphans sock, did this ever happen to you ?)


So here is my orphan sock from last year, and I kept it in memory

This time, I picked a skein of “Frozen Framboisier”, my hand-dyed yarn (you can find these hand-dyed yarn in my shop here) 

Frozen framboisier - small

And then I followed a pattern from “Les cocottes prennent le thé” in her “socks challenge”

and here I am, knitting socks (and that’s quite exciting and goes pretty fast actually because it’s easy until the eel and these indication are really well written

Chaussettes - small-20

The most difficult part of it ?  not loosing stitches, because these crazy needles are thin and double pointed too !


and then, it’s about keeping your motivation for starting and finishing to knit the 2nd sock !


Chaussettes - small-15

I know I may not be really objective with this, but I really love this yarn and its colors.

I already loved the skein as it was, but knitting it

and seeing how it end up was a pretty discovery !

And here I am, voilààààààààààà

Frozen framboisier - small-4

Isn’t it a good way to start the year ?

I didn’t even use the entire skein of yarn for this, so I’ll be able to use the rest of it for some other socks (maybe stripes ones ?)

My feet are now feeling warmer and I have to say that wearing hand-made knitted socks is really more comfortable than buying some !

(although, if like me, if you have big feet, it’s a looooooot more work !)



I am so fan of it that I think I’m going to knit all the colors I sell in my shop !


It wasn’t that easy after all, so now show me your socks !



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