Knitsgiving 2015


Being born just between Thanksgiving and Xmas (on December 1st), I’ve decided last year, that from now on, my birthday will also be a Knitsgiving day.

A day where I’ll be thankful for what I have, and will give back. Knitsgiving ! (I tell you more about that here)

And so, this year again, I did it again, in my new town of Clermont-Ferrand.

I knitted 2 scarves, one with some Phildar pompom yarn, and another one (the orange one), made with some amazing alpaga and silk yarn…

I decided to write a note to explain things a bit 😉

” This scarf is not lost, and if you are cold, it is yours”


Knitsgiving 2015 - small

and then, in early morning, I went out in a park just nearby my place, and left these scarves on a bench,  I know there are always homeless people there in the afternoon.

Knitsgiving 2015 - small-6

Knitsgiving 2015 - small-4

Knitsgiving 2015 - small-3 Knitsgiving 2015 - small-5

and actually wondered if I should leave my contacts or not ?

I’m still not sure and partly not comfortable (feeling like it’s too much ego and marketing to give my blog info, but on the other side if people want to thank me or talk about it, at least they know ?)

What are your thoughts about that ?

What’s for sure though, is that next year, I want to organise something bigger for Knitsgiving… maybe leaving scarves in a bar, or on all the trees of a park… I need to think/knit that 🙂

That was for knitsgiving 2015, I hope they enjoyed it 🙂

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