Knitting stawberry mittens – so cute !

Strawberry mittens

I’ve told you about the yarn crawl in Portland already, and how I felt in love with these strawberry mittens, created by the store The knitting Bee.

Strawberry fields mittens are so cute I just couldn’t wait to have them…


While at the yarn crawl, I bought their knitting kit for this pattern, (made with Black Trillium Fibre sock(Pebble sock)  yarn)


3 achievements for me here :

– Being able to follow a pattern (not that difficult if you’re already used to mix colors while knitting)

Strawberry mittens

– Follow a pattern, in English is even tougher for me (but learning and getting better at it !) 🙂

knitting - mittens strawberry

– but also, not to forget : actually FINISH a project I’ve started… yes, I’m that kind of personn, but getting so much better at it though 🙂

It took me a while to find my way in this pattern, switching colors, but finally, I’ve managed a good balance between knitting continental and knitting british with these mittens : one color on the right hand, and one color on the left hand !

Easy, fast, and when I’ve started to knit the second mitten, I was already faster at it ! 🙂

Knitted mittens - strawberry

I had some trouble with the braid thing at the end of it, but I’m not picky : I like the way I’ve managed to finish my mittens (I’m not objective either : I love these mittens so much !)

So here we go, how they look like ! 🙂

Strawberry mittens

Perfect for me, now I just can’t wait for Winter ! 🙂

Strawberry mittens

but will stay laying on the grass in the sun until then 😉


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