Lan Su garden cowl

Knitting Lan Su Garden Cowl

I recently shared here my story at the Rose City Yarn Crawl, and its many knitting project and patterns shared by stores. I’ve felt in love with the Lan Su Garden cowl, created by Twisted (you’ll find the pattern here on Ravelry).

I bought the yarn they suggested for that pattern because it looked so prettyyyyyyyy, soft, shiny and just gorgeous with it’s greenish greyish colors ! 🙂 I highly recommend you to check that  luscious single silk, from Blue Moon Fiber arts. a gorgeous fiber made 50% of silk and % of merino.

Blue Moon Fiber ART yarn - for Lan Su Garden cowl

Knitting that pattern was quite easy after all (and you can trust me on that, because it was actually the first time I tried to follow a pattern, and I was a bit nervous about that!)

That yarn is just fantastic to knit also : it shines, slips on my fingers like a caress, it’s just a very enjoyable moment to work that pattern with that fiber! 🙂

Blue Moon Fiber ART yarn - for Lan Su Garden cowl-2

And also, having not that many stitches on my Needles, Size 10 it was grew fast 🙂

Knitting Lan Su Garden cowl-3

Knitting Lan Su Garden cowl-4

And so here it is, my precious cowl ! 🙂 I am so in love with it !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Knitting - Lan Su Garden cowl-2

Knitting - Lan Su Garden cowl-5

Knitting - Lan Su Garden cowl-4

I’m crazy about it, and at that time of year, in between 2 sesons, it’s the perfect thing to wear too : not to warm, not to thin either.

To sum up, I highly recommend you to try it… I thought trying to knit lace was tough, but after that attempt at basic lace knitting, I will probably try tougher projects ! 🙂 (and actually, I may also knit another one because I have some yarn left over !) 🙂

And I’m leaving you here with writing that blogpost : I need to go out and show the world how gorgeous this cowl is !

🙂 🙂 🙂


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