Lot et Laine – a Fiber fair in South Western France


Sometimes, fate is great, and I’ve been lucky enough to discover that the yarn festival “Lot et Laine” was held exactly the same week-end I was taking photos of a wedding nearby 🙂

“Lot et Laine”, in case you havn’t heard about it, is a fiber, spinning and dyeing event taking place in south west of France, once every 2 years (at the ecomuseum of Cuzals, in Sauliac sur Célé (in the Lot area).


Lot et Laine - small-4

As much as I love taking photos of weddings, I have to confess that this time, it’s really that yarn event that get me very excited. I just couldn’t wait to be there ! 🙂

and it was also a good excuse to explore the area, a part of France that I didn’t know and totally felt in love with


If you happen to be around there, I totally recommend you have a look at  St Cirq Lapopie, about 20 km from there

But let’s get back to our yarn fest

Only a few minutes after I get there, I run into some animals 🙂

Lot et Laine - small-2

Lot et Laine - small-3

By the time I find my brain back, here we go again : spinning wheels EVERYWHERE ! 🙂

Lot et Laine - small-7

and yarn hanging on trees ! 🙂

Lot et Laine - small-5

Of course, I’ve seen yarn and fleece almost at every corner too 🙂

Lot et Laine - small-6

Lot et Laine - small-9

And some very pretty things, that made my heart beat race, and my body craving to roll on the floor (on that rug !) 🙂

Lot et Laine - small-10

I’ve discovered amazing things there and here are some of them :

L’atelier du chat noir : I had check her website before going to that event and couldn’t wait to see her work for real…

Magnificent, gorgeous, beautiful, yes, that’s the kind of booth where you loose your mind and want to touch  everything. I’ve lost so much my mind there that I didn’t want to take photos of her work because it really deserves to be seen in real.

Atelier Claire Salin : her beautiful hand made wood sculpted needles and crochet are amazing : it’s raw, it feels natural, just the way I love it ! 🙂

Ama Yaga

The Squirrel’s Yarns and their very soft colors 🙂

Myrobolan, Ido remember that I’ve seen a kiss kiss bank bank project for their natural dyed yarn project a while ago and I’m glad they are now real.


because yes, you know me, I couldn’t resit :


ALPAGAS DU QUERCY :  a very interesting conversation about alpagas with these passionate people (in case you don’t know, I’ve been in love with alpagas and met several of them as a volunteer, more about this here)

Gorgeous fibers, I just can’t wait to knit it (or dye it) 😉

Lot et Laine - small-8

I also seriously consider visiting their farm to meet the alpagas 🙂

Renaissance Dyeing, for their bright colors

– Lilou , a very nice lady with a choice of fiber and colors quite impressive 🙂

– les soies de Marie , traveler and silk addict (she’s a silk hunter !) 🙂

Lot et Laine - small-11

To sum up : fiber, colors, spinning wheels, sheep and beautiful wooden tools, I think you get it : I’ll be back in 2017 for that “Lot et Laine” festival 🙂

Did you know about it ? Is there any fiber event you would recommend ?

Tell me all about it 🙂


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