A mystery KAL, for a fabulous VELO COWL

Mystery-Velo cowl KAL-2016

Last year, I’ve told you about my very first experience with The Rose City Yarncrawl, an awesome event for knitters and yarn addict in Portland, Oregon.

This year, the yarncrawl will take place from 3rd to 6th of March 2016.

and to launch this event, they launch 2 mystery projects, 4 weeks before the event. (here are where you’ll find the patterns for KAL &  CAL )

What about it ?

No one knows exactly how it’s going to look like once finished, but every weeks, they release a part of the pattern. A kind of way to have a countdown before the event. (and I looooooooove it !)

Each yarn store in Portland suggest some yarns to make this Mystery project, and once attending the yarncrawl, you can proudly wear your project, and compare it with other knitters.

I just love this idea, and missed the Mystery KAL last year, because I was just arriving in Portland.

And here we go again, this year, I was sooooooooooooooo ready for it (so excited, especially since these days I really miss Portland and my friends there).

That was a good way for me to stay in touch with my friends there, but also to be in contact with other knitters in the area, thanks to Ravelry. I miss the city, I miss its knitting community, and in some ways, for the past 4 weeks, I was there with them (and I loved it !) 🙂

so here are some photos of this mystery project, named “velo cowl” by its designers.

I’ve picked 2 of my own yarns :



and “Malabar Princess”

Malabar Princess - small

Portland is known for its bikes and bikers, and this snood, called “velo cowl”, was written like describing a bike ride around the area. Very entertaining to read.

This was also a way for me to explore how my yarn will turn out once knitted, and I was quite happy with the result.

another thing that makes me think I will never buy yarn ever again, but just knit the colors I create !) 🙂

So here is for the 1st clue

Mystery KAL 2016 - small-4 Mystery KAL 2016 - small-2 Mystery KAL 2016 - small-5

and the 2nd one, teasing my mind, wondering what will be next ?

Mystery KAL 2016 - small-8 Mystery KAL 2016 - small-6 Mystery KAL 2016 - small-10 Mystery KAL 2016 - small-11 Mystery KAL 2016 - small-16 Mystery KAL 2016 - small-13

and then, the 3rd one, looking a bit like the 2nd part, and quite exciting, as you discover your project taking shaping…


As for the 4th clue, I’ll confess I was too excited to finish it, I didn’t take any photos while knitting it 🙂

until the very last stitch… the one that taste like ACHIEVEMENT and PRIDE, the one you make last a little bit longer, because you know that what’s next is to spread you knitting, and stare at the finish project 🙂

Mystery KAL 2016 - small-18

Designers mentionned it will have a non-conventional shape, and it’s true.

It is shaped like a raindrop and I LOOOOVE it !

(Portland raindrops are my favorite for sure)

Oh wait – I’m not objective here – would you have guessed ? 😀


Mystery KAL 2016 - small-19

and here is the velo cowl !!!

Mystery KAL 2016 - small-24

Mystery KAL 2016 - small-21

Mystery KAL 2016 - small-29

I just love it !

Can’t wait for next year’s yarn crawl Mystery KAL !


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