October pink – how to crochet a rose

October pink

OCTOBER PINK is the month of breast cancer awareness

and since in French, it’s the same word for the flower (rose) and the color pink, I thought I should crochet pink roses as a statement for this cause…

Because I want to stand and support each of you out there, fighting against that stupid disease, but also want to really advise you to go and have your boobs checked, without waiting the  reach the age range (in France they advise you to get a mammography starting at 50 years old).

DON’T WAIT if you have doubts !

Octobre rose

and, writing about this, I wanted to give a kiss to my mum, a warrior who fight it and won the battle 😉 <3

So about the rose, it’s quite easy actually.

What you need :

 A glittering Addi crochet (because glitter is always better !) 🙂

Yarn of course

(I used acrylique, and if you want to add a bit more texture to your rose, choose 2 yarns with a slightly paler color for the second one, and crochet them together) 🙂

And this pattern found on  PINTEREST

modèle octobre rose

And here is how it goes, step by step, with my attempt with just red yarn 🙂

Octobre rose (4) Octobre rose (5) Octobre rose (1) Octobre rose (2)

Rose rouge au crochet

So ladies, take that rose, and take care of your boobs !


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