Patriot socks

Patriot socks

Knitting patriot socks ? That’s easy !

All I needed was a skein of my hand-dyed sock yarn “Ze patriot” 🙂

464 yards for 100g, and I had some yarn left after this pair of patriot socks, so it will be used for patriot stripes  ! 🙂

Présentation - ze patriot

I recently told you about Tipanda ‘s project with  #les12petonsduHerrgeneral (until march 2017, trying to knit 12 pair of socks)

And this time, I wanted it to be easy and fast because I was lazy, and lacked of time too, but also because I was seriously wanted to stop knitting and crochet instead (but this, I acknowledged it once the socks was already started)

I guess you know now what will the next blogpost be about now… not knitting but crochet


So I kept it simple this time, mainly also to enhance the colors of my yarn, pretty patriot colors.

Between American and French flag, I’m patriot, but mostly : true to myself 🙂


Again, I followed that patterns, (in French) for easy socks, because it works for me perfectly :  Défi chaussette 

The rest of the story in photos 🙂

Chaussettes Patriotes - small

Chaussettes Patriotes - small-11

Chaussettes Patriotes - small-7

Chaussettes Patriotes - small-6

Chaussettes Patriotes - small-10

Chaussettes Patriotes - small-22

Chaussettes Patriotes - small-17

OK, I’m not sure the stripes pattern was a good idea (your eyes are twinking, right ?)

and that’s now 2 pairs of socks on a goal of 12 !

Let’s see what I’ll knit next in May ! 🙂

but right now, let’s get back to my crochet a little bit


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