People, cliché, yarn… and me


This morning, I had a meeting/training to learn how to find finance/loan when you create your company.

This was held by a banker, and there was 12 others people attending.

At first, we had to introduce ourself and tell about our project of company.
And that’s when I had to explain to a guy (quite rude) that YES, there is a knitting community, made of passionate people, addicted to colors, fibers and texture, artisitic and DIY work, creative. And YES, there is a real market for such a company like mine, but also plenty of “clichés” among the “non-knitter” community
(can you imagine me, talking with my hands, shiny eyes, and a fast speach flow) 🙂

Hello, is it me you’re looking for ? 🙂

and in my head, while explaining this and looking at him, totally doubful, I thought to myself “well, you are definitely pure wool : rude, tough, and would benefit a bit of sweetness at least for others to enjoy you better”

Here we go a little lamb  for you then 🙂


At the end of that meeting, I showed him my stash : using a hand dyed yarn of cashmere/silk/angora… just so that he could compare with his cheap sweater.
He get my points 🙂

 at least that’s one cliché killed for today:)


How do you feel about that yourself ? Have you ever compared people with a yarn ?

First time for me, but then thinking about it, if I had to define myself I’d say I’ 50% camel and 50% silk 😉

(and that’s probably one of the reason why it is also my favorite fiber) 🙂

How about you then ?


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