How to protect your yarn from moth


One day, while having a conversation with a friend, talking about my HUUGGGGGEEEEEEE stock of yarn, that he mentionned something I never thought about it : “you’d better protect your yarn from moth” then !

and I have to confess that I’ve never thought about it before…


From that moment, I had that vision of all my precious fibers being eaten by bugs

being enjoyed by other personns (or things !) than me ! I started to become totally paranoied about it, and so


I’m going to protect my yarn, and prevent it from anything that could ruin it 🙂

My stock of yarn is quite big after so much travels, and I probably have enough to keep me busy for the next 10 years 🙂

(I don’t even mention that I’m about to launch my own “hand dyed yarn” business, and so will have a pretty big stock of yarn in my place too)

My appartement will probably look like  a huge yarn house pretty soon 🙂

Mon stock de laine (1)

And it doesn’t even include my acrylic stock for yarnbombing 🙂

so I became a bit paranoid and decided to ACT and PREVENT this from happening ! 🙂

And that’s also a good idea to share what I’ve learnt but also what I’m doing here …

How to protect your yarn from moths ?

Let me introduce you with moths….

(google can be scary when you do some image search, right ?) 🙁


That parasit has few things it really doesn’t like (and that’s a good thing for us then !)

The smell of lavander

The smell of “savon Marseille” (soap)

The smell of lemon

The smell of cedar

The smell of bay

And since I’m a huge fan of essential oils and natural solutions to any problems, I’ve decided to get inspired by this and a French website I’ve found talking about it

So here is how I’ve decided to pimp my yarn boxed, but also my dressing room and my closets :

I crochet tiny rectangles with yarn, and then spread a mix of several essential oils on them :

Protection contre les mites

I chosed these essential oils :

  • rosemary
  •  lavander
  • lemon
  • and clove (watch out, it has a very strong smell !)

mélange d'huiles essentielles contre les mites

And because I’m a bit paranoid, I also decided to add little heart shaped piece of cedar wood in my boxes


Protection contre les mites (5)

I also bought 2 big Marseille soap (it cost less than 3€ inFrance), and I inted to cut them into little pieces, and crochet a mini cover for it (just like I did for my GPS), and put that in my drawers

Protection contre les mites

My idea is to have all these precious location in my appartment smell SOOOO GOOD (well, “bad” for a moth), that they don’t even consider stopping by, if they ever get closer to my place ! 🙂

and since I’m using lavander essential oils too, I feel a bit safer with that too for me and my yarn 🙂

Also, don’t forget to create a reminder in your agenda, to spread more essential oils on your knitting thing,

in about 6 weeks

What about you ? How do you do to protect your yarn from moth ?



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