SLICE cowl

SLICE cowl

Improvising something when knitting : it’s been a while I havn’t done it. And this time, I wanted to create a cowl

So I’ve decided to use my  “Lemon Pie” yarn

Laine Good - small-26

At first, I thought I would knit leg warmers, like aerobic vintage superstars, but then I thought that there were fe chances I ever wear them, so I opted for a cowl.

So here is my creation, that I’ve named “SLICE”

Tired to be posing for photos for this blog, I’ve decided to call a blogger friend for it.

So thank you Hélène for allowing me to have somebody else than me on this blog, for posing and for the good time we had when doing these photos 🙂

Hélène has a DIY blog and you should check it —> La Tête dans les idées  🙂

She’s creating amazing things especially with paper, I really love her work !

(and if you love cactus, something tells me you’re going to get crazy in love with her  last blogpost 🙂

SNOOD LEMON PIE - small (22)


What you need :

2 skeins of “Lemon Pie” (40% wool 49% mohair 11% polyamide)  100g for 207 yards

a pair of circular needles US size 8, used with a cable length of 80cm

and a stitch marker




PART 1 : create 148 stitches, place marker on your needle, and join both side together, and start knitting in rib 2/2 (p 2 k2) for 4 rows.

Then, start knitting 1, purl 1 and repeat for 11cm (4.3 inches)

For the next 4 rows, knit in rib 2/2

Bind off stitches loosely

and that’s it for part 1 ! 🙂

SNOOD LEMON PIE - small (14)

SNOOD LEMON PIE - small (12) SNOOD LEMON PIE - small (2)

PART 2 : Cast on 148 stitches, slide your needle inside part 1, then place your marker on your needle and join to the beginning of your stitches, to start knitting in circle.

SNOOD LEMON PIE - small (15)

Knit 4 rows in rib 2/2, and then start :

row 1 : knit 2, then purl 2, repeat until the end of your row

row 2 : purl 2, knit 2, and repeat until the end of the row

Repeat 1 and 2 until you’ve reached 5.75 inches (15cm)

Bind off and voilàààààààààà !!!!


SNOOD LEMON PIE - small (19) SNOOD LEMON PIE - small (20)

Thanks again Hélène  for posing with this SLICE cowl !


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