The Rose City Yarn Crawl, an awesome knitting event in Portland, Oregon

Rose city Yarn Crawl - Northwest wools-2

It takes place in Portland, Oregon (North Western part of USA). Each year in March, for a few days, takes place the “Rose City Yarn Crawl“.

Usually organised by knitters, this event is specific because it was created by local yarn stores. We don’t talk here about the big chains stores and supermarket where you can buy yarn, but about little (or not so little), locally owned store, who sells specific yarn, created usually by local artist. (dyer, spinner, sheeps !) 🙂

If you compare the size of Portland to a French city, it will be like LYON. Knitting in France is popular, but definitely not as much as in Portland. It is really impressive how many yarn store you can find in Portland (I love it!), but also how many knitters, dyers and spinners too (I love it even more !) 🙂 and this is why I’ve spent some time around here, Learning hoping to practice this even more once back in France.

This year, 15 shops were part of the Yarncrawl ! (I am not quite sure you can find as much stores in Paris, even if you count the big chains like Phildar)

So what is the Yarncrawl about ?

– Several weeks before the event, a “mystery knit along” project is launched, and every week some clues are given to knitters… 2 different projects can be made, knitting and crochet. The goal, of course, is to be done by the beginning of the Yarncrawl, and wear it when visiting the shops ! 🙂

This year, there was this amazing  knitting project (I love it!), and this one made with  crochet.

I’m still having a hard time to follow patterns (especially in English), so I didn’t dare trying, but it was really lovely to see all my knitter friends working on theirs, comparing color choices, and helping each other too ! 🙂

And so, what about the Yarncrawl, what is it? Why ?

For 4 entire days (yes, 4!!!!) :

– Each store had created a specific pattern (sometimes 2, for knitting and crochet) and give a 10% discount on the yarn they used for it.

– Everytime you purchase in these stores, you get the patterns that store for free

Events are organised in these stores : party, trunk show, some special guests too (dyer, spinner, lamb or sheeps !)

– Each store has its own contest, and withdrawal, where you can register (without needing to buy anything). Prize to win ? hugeeeeeeeeeeee basket of yarn !

– A “Passport”  is created and if you get it stamped by all the participating stores, you can register to the huge contact and with the even bigger prize (yarn, again, would you have guessed it ?)

So now that you know all about it, you probably can guess how excited I was when learning about this event, right ?

This is an amazing idea to promote local yarns, local stores, and help to discover new products, but also to meet new knitter around town ! 🙂

And so, here is how my Yarncrawl went…. I finished it in less than 2 days !

I spent the 1st day with new knitter friends, met thanks to MEETUP, by car, and then doing the 2nd day by myself by bus.

Team tricot !

It all started at 10am, and already a line of knitters, waiting for the opening ot a store 🙂

STOP #1 – At the opening of Littlelamb and Ewe 20 NW 3rd Street, Gresham, OR 97030

They created 2 patterns: a knitted cowl and  crochet hat

Little Lam and Ewe

My friends Mary and Peregrine were alreay totally excited about it (just like me !) 🙂

Little Lam and Ewe-2

Here is the big basket prize….

Little Lam and Ewe - basket prize

A spinner artist with Peregrin, she had some lovely yarn work 🙂

Little Lam and Ewe - Dyer

and some really lovely yarn, seen in that store:

Little Lam and Ewe - yarn

this one was interesting : ABRACADABRA yarn is a UV yarn that changes its colors when in the light (becomes light pink or light purple)

Little Lam and Ewe - abracadabra yarn

I didn’t buy any but now I do regret it….

STOP # 2 : WOOL ‘N WARES – 21580 Willamette Dr – West Linn, OR 97068

2 patterns again this time:   a knitted shawl  (gorgeous!) and another one made with crochet

That store was surrounded by flamingos, yarnbombed, and it looked really funny (I loved it !) 🙂

Rose CityYarn Crawl - Wool N Ware

Rose CityYarn Crawl - Wool N Ware-2

and here are the 2 shawls, I really like the yarn they used for this 🙂

Rose CityYarn Crawl - Wool N Ware - shawl

Another prize!

Rose CityYarn Crawl - Wool N Ware - prize

yarn yarn yarn! 🙂

Rose CityYarn Crawl - Wool N Ware - yarn

Spinner ! 🙂

Rose CityYarn Crawl - Wool N Ware - spinner

But also, and I felt in love at first sight : JENKINS SPINDLE : a great spindle hand made that you can take into pièces (and for this, I didn’t resist) 🙂

Rose CityYarn Crawl - Wool N Ware - spindle - fuseau

STOP #3 :  – oh, wait, nope, we needed a burger from Burgerville first, eaten in the car to save time while driving to the next yarn shop! 🙂

YUMM ! 🙂


STOP # 3 then : NORTHWEST WOOLS – 3524 SW Troy – Portland, OR 97219

Again, they had 2 patterns:  a knitted scarf, inspired by  Voodoo Doughnut (local doughnut shop in Portland, and very popular)

And a crochet tea cozy, inspired by Benson Bubblers, which are to Portland, what Wallace fountains are to Paris 🙂

That yarn shop? a knitter dream ! Walls are all covered with skeins and yarn…. every -where ! 🙂

Rose city Yarn Crawl - Northwest wools

Rose city Yarn Crawl - Northwest wools-2

Rose city Yarn Crawl - Northwest wools-3

Rose city Yarn Crawl - Northwest wools-4

I really really loved the way this knitter looks, and the way she matches her mystery knitted shawl to her hair ! 🙂

Rose city Yarn Crawl - Northwest wools-5

STOP # 4 : FOR YARN’S SAKES : 11767 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy – Beaverton, OR 97005

Who created  a knitted hat pattern,  that tells so much about Portland! :)tout à fait dans l’esprit de Portland 🙂

This store was really huge, with an impressive choice of yarn ! 🙂

For Yarn's Sake - Rose City Yarn Crawl For Yarn's Sake - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2 For Yarn's Sake - Rose City Yarn Crawl-3

There was also a booth with creation made by  Plover Designs, that looked really pretty on a shawl! 🙂


For Yarn's Sake - Rose City Yarn Crawl-4 For Yarn's Sake - Rose City Yarn Crawl-5

STOP #5 : BLACK SHEEP AT ORENCO 6154 NE Brighton Street – Hillsboro, OR 97124

They created patterns for  socks (knitting) au tricot, and a   baby hat (crochet)

Everything in front of that store was yarnbombed and I loved it!, I also get to see a cute customized spinning Wheel 🙂

Black Sheep at Orenco - Rose City Yarn Crawl Black Sheep at Orenco - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2

Black Sheep at Orenco - Rose City Yarn Crawl-3 Black Sheep at Orenco - Rose City Yarn Crawl-4

Midnite Oils had a trunk show there. It’s a family business that sells hand made and natural creams, soap and oils for body and hands, and they also had  this specific thing for spinners…. quite interesting ! 🙂

Black Sheep at Orenco - Rose City Yarn Crawl-5

When we get out of this shop, we were exhausted! Yarngasm, or yarn overdose, I don’t know, but it gets us getting a bit crazy… Mary felt great about it ! 🙂

Black Sheep at Orenco - Rose City Yarn Crawl-6

Peregrine was in extasis with her last purchase 🙂

Black Sheep at Orenco - Rose City Yarn Crawl-8

And then, one think leading to another, Jaski had to show us her socks, knitted by herself (of course !) 🙂

Black Sheep at Orenco - Rose City Yarn Crawl-7

We had to have a break before going to

STOP # 6 : THE KNITTING BEE – 10934 SW Barnes Road – Portland, OR 97225

An awesome shop! And I felt in love with the patterns they created for the Yarncrawl: strawberry mitains (knitting), and strawberry coin purse (crochet)   🙂

Knitting bee - Rose City Yarn Crawl

Here was the big prize basket ! (fingers crossed)

Knitting bee - Rose City Yarn Crawl-3

Knitting bee - Rose City Yarn Crawl-5 Knitting bee - Rose City Yarn Crawl-8 Knitting bee - Rose City Yarn Crawl-9 Knitting bee - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2 Knitting bee - Rose City Yarn Crawl-4

So much yarn, everywhere, no doubt, it started to get us a little bit crazy (and silly) (yarngasmic, I told you so).

1 skein becomes a caterpillar, and another  needs to be shown for its amazing golden yellow color) 🙂

Knitting bee - Rose City Yarn Crawl-7 Knitting bee - Rose City Yarn Crawl-6

STOP 7 : THE NAKED SHEEP (yes, because here, sheeps are naked!) 🙂 2142 N Killingsworth – Portland, OR 97217

They had  a pattern for a knitted scarf   and another for a scarf (crochet)

The naked Sheep - Rose City Yarn Crawl

yarn yarn yarn yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The naked Sheep - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2 and… ô wait… miracle ? A man, knitting? yeah ! 🙂

The naked Sheep - Rose City Yarn Crawl-5

It was getting late, and all that yarn get us tired and over excited…..

The naked Sheep - Rose City Yarn Crawl-3 The naked Sheep - Rose City Yarn Crawl-4 The naked Sheep - Rose City Yarn Crawl-6

STOP #8 : CLOSE KNIT 2140 NE Alberta St – Portland, OR 97211

They made a scowl (knitting) , and a scarf (crochet)

That store was really tempting, but I resisted (and I’m proud) 🙂

Close knit - Rose City Yarn Crawl Close knit - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2 Close knit - Rose City Yarn Crawl-3 Close knit - Rose City Yarn Crawl-4

and we ended that 1st day, totally exhausted, with a quick stop at

STOP #9 : YARNIA : 3773 SE Belmont St – Portland, OR 97214

I felt deeply in love with their 2 patterns : an incredibly cute cowl (knitting)  and a shawl (crochet)

Yarnia - Rose City Yarn Crawl Yarnia - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2 Yarnia - Rose City Yarn Crawl-3

And so, that’s on the next day that I get to pursue this Yarncrawl in Portland, by myself this time, riding the bus and walking around 🙂

STOP # 10 : HAPPY KNITS 1620 SE Hawthorne Blvd – Portland, OR 97214

It’s one of my favorite stores ! and for that event they created a pattern for a headband (knitting)  using Black Trillium yarns, (I am a fan!) 🙂

Happy Knits - Rose City Yarn Crawl

and then, heading to :

STOP # 11 : YARNTASTIC – 6802 SE Milwaukie Ave. – Portland, OR 97202

A lovely yarn shop, with plenty of fiber for spinners 🙂 They launched 2 patterns for this event :

A lovely  scowl (knitting) and a shawl (crochet)

Yarntastic - Rose City Yarn Crawl Yarntastic - Rose City Yarn Crawl-4

Yarntastic - Rose City Yarn Crawl-5

I get to meet NEW HUE, a spinner and dyer, with pretty nice fibers !

Yarntastic - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2

But also Theresa Silver‘s creation, aka ARGENT GAL 🙂

Yarntastic - Rose City Yarn Crawl-3

and so I went then to

STOP #12: KNIT PURL – 1101 SW Alder – Portland, OR 97205

who had a lovely hat pattern (knitting) 

Knit Purl - Rose City Yarn Crawl Knit Purl - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2 Knit purl

and then, few blocks away, STOP #13 : PEARL FIBER ARTS – 428 NW 11th Ave – Portland, OR 97209

Very related to spinners, and local dyers, this little store had one pattern made for the event :a knitted stole, and if you knit 2 and sew them together, it can look like a pretty poncho 🙂

Pearl Fiber Art - Rose City Yarn Crawl Pearl Fiber Art - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2

and only few blocks away was the 3rd yarnstore downtown Portland. I didn’t know this one, and it was pretty, I’ll definitely go back to

STOP # 14 (almost done yarncrawling!) : DUBLIN BAY KNITTING CO. – 1227 NW 11th Ave – Portland, OR 97209

They launched 2 different patterns :  a throw (knitted), and a  another pattern but for crochet, pretty isn’t it? 🙂

Dublin bay - Rose City Yarn Crawl Dublin bay - Rose City Yarn Crawl-2 Dublin bay - Rose City Yarn Crawl-3

and at last, the very last shop of my yarncrawl, which is also one of my favorite :

STOP # 15 : TWISTED – 2310 NE Broadway – Portland, OR 97232

This is heaven for knitters, but also for spinners! This store had 2 patterns for that event : a gorgeous cowl (knitting) and also a  purse (crochet)

Twisted Twisted (2)

and appart from finishing my yarncrawl, Twisted yarn store had that day a cute surprise for their visitors:

Imperial Stock Ranch (aka IMPERIAL YARN) had a trunk show there with their knitting products, but they also brought a 3 weeks old little lamb !

My pictures are blurry because I was too happy to see that baby, and so I was shaking 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Twisted (3) agneau

So here is my filled passport, and with no hesitation I can say that this was an AWESOME event ! (that is almostworth  flying from France for) Let’s cross my fingers so that I can winn one of the big prizes! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

As for the things I bought during this event, I’ll probably be able to tell you all about it on the blog for the next month, because I do think I have plenty of yarn to knit for at least…. a year ! 😉

ma laine (2)

But please, if you have any good excuse allowing me to buy more yarn, feel free to share that on a comment below 🙂


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