What about a Knitsgiving day ?

Let’s create KNITSGIVING, a day to celebrate others, to celebrate knitting. A day where we will be giving away yarn or knitted item !

I’m born on December 1st…. right after Thanksgiving, and just at the beginning of the Christmas crazyness 🙂

At that time of year where you’re more obsessed than anything by setting up the Christmas tree and eating chocolate….

These past years, I’ve been more and more into practicing Random Act of Kindness, but also into volunteering, especially in December, when weather is cold and people feel even more lonely.

I’ve seen several great “knitting for charity project”, and to be honest, I’m still wondering what I’ll do for Christmas this year…

Last year, since I turned 35, I’ve decided that in December, (starting my birthday then), I’ll do 35 random act of kindness….

It was great but tough in the same time because at some point it gave some pressure to the project, especially if you don’t want it to be linked with “I give money to….” kind of thing.

So I’ve decided to set up officially my birthday as being my KnitsGiving Day.

I’ll knit something, that I’ll give away on a public area (or give to a homeless personn if I see one).

As a matter of fact, I’ll be on a roadtrip in US on December 1st, treating myself with Grand Canyon (yes, I can’t wait !).

And of course, I definitely intend to set up other #KnitsGiving day, but It makes me happy that, on my birthday, which is supposed to be my own celebration and where everybody intend and expect to receive things, to share and give a little back.

Of course, I’d love to receive présents (I have an Amazon wishlist ready to be shared !) 🙂 but it is important for me to share and give, especially on such a day. 🙂

So I’m working on knitting a scarf using Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn and Needles size 11 (US) / 8 (French) 🙂

The Collegiate Yarn edition is quite fun in terms of colors (feeling like a cheerleader scarf) (I’ve found it at JoAnn and like it a lot 🙂

KnitsGiving Day project

I just can’t wait to offer it to someone ! (and of course, you’ll know all about it pretty soon ! 🙂

So, when is your Knitsgiving day, and what will you knit ?




So, when is your Knitsgiving day ? 🙂




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