Willamette Falls Shawlette

Willamette Falls shawlette

 I’ve already told you about the Portland Yarn Crawl, and this Willamette Falls Shawlette was one of the pattern created for this event.

It took me a while to figure out which yarn I’d use to knit this one, and I actually left that pattern in my head for a while, waiting for the perfect color match for it…

And then, one day, while staring at all my skeins, I touched this pretty glacier/light blue/green yarnball…

I’ve lost the tag for this yarn, but I did remember that it was a hugeeeeeeeeeeee skein (and I think it was cascade yarn.

(I really need to start and finish my project and keep the yarntags for as long as I havn’t finished knitting it !)

Cascade Yarn

Following that pattern was intense….

Intense because it required quite a lot of focus

Intense because I’m not an expert (yet) in lace and shawls

but most of all : intense because there was mistakes in that pattern. Mistakes that were mentionned (and corrected) on the comments of the pattern on Ravelry, but not on the file directly

So at first, I thought something was wrong and it will be better after blocking the knitting

but after few hours of knitting, I really could see there was a mistake, and I thought it was me, who missed something.

Too proud and lazy, I didn’t want to unknit but then, the more I looked at it the uglier it looked. So I unknit it, finally

and then checked on the internet again, and finally found the corrections…. and started to knit correctly again. AT LAST !

and I had just enough yarn to finish it… few stitches more and I would miss some.

and so the lacy “V” stitches look good now !



and here’s how it looked before blocking it


I just couldn’t wait to wear it !



Yeahhhhhhhh ! it looks just perfect ! 🙂

chale small

chale small-2


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