Yarnbombing a clock for Time change

Yarnbombing clock

Yarnbombing a clock ?

Why not !

And since this Sunday, in France, we switch our clocks to winter time, it’s the perfect timing to pimp my clock

Yarnbombing horloge-8

Don’t ask me if we need to moove our clock forward or backward, I’m never quite sure about that (I think we need to moove it forward, so that at 6pm it will be night, like it was to be at 7pm).

My computer will tell me anyway, and then I’ll change my clock on my wall. 🙂

As you know it, I’m a huge yarnbombing addict, and this little project was on my mind for a while.

Switching to winter time was then the perfect timing start yarnbombing a clock ! 🙂

It’s quite easy, and didn’t take me long, and also quite cheap to make.

Here’s what you need for that :

A wall clock (I bought mine at the supermarket for less than 4€)

Yarn leftover (acrylic is perfect for that)

Yarnbombing horloge

Once you’ve mesured the perimeter of that clock, and how large it is (in front and back), it is easy : you just need to knit a long rectangle.

(I did 21 rows of one color, and then 5 rows of white)

Colors I’ve choosed ? warm ones ! to bring a bit of sunlight in my home ! 🙂

If the sides of your knitting are curling up a bit it’s actually perfect : you’ll use as a good looking border along your clock ! 🙂

Yarnbombing horloge-2

Knit together each sides, making sure your work is tight on your clock and not too loose

Yarnbombing horloge-6

and voilààààààààààààà !!!!!

Yarnbombing horloge-8

I really like it ! 🙂

Also, if your work ends up being a bit too loose on your clock, use a sewing needle, and slide a string of yarn all along the border and then tie it together (just like you would have it with the string around your face, on a hood of a sweater)


So are your ready for winter time change now ?


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