Yarnbombing : knitting otters into mermaids

Yarnbombing in Portland Oregon

As you already know, I’m a huge yarnbombing addict. As an art, as a way to make a city look better, because knitting is fun and not only for your grandmas, and most of all : because making people smile, in a big city, is sometimes difficult. Apparently yarnbombing helps (have you seen my car ?) 🙂

(you can also see my yarnbombing photo project here)

And as you probably acknowledge already, I’m deeply in love with Portland (wish I could live there) 🙁

For the past 2 years, I’ve started to yarnbomb an entire fashion collection show for these 2 otters statues, everytime I was in town… after Christmas, or Valentine’s day,  or the tropical snow storm.

About to leave the city again, and heartbroken, I wanted to do another yarnbombing, to make some more people laugh and smile… something like a statement : “Sandrine was here”

And then, I had another vision….

And since that vision made me really laugh, I took my Lite Crochet, 4mm, my Red Heart acrylic yarn, and here we go !

As usual, when Yarnbombing, it’s a always total improvisation, although, of course, I had to measure everything at first. I don’t have any pattern, and start everything from scratch (and love it!)

The good thing about crochet is that you can create volume and shapes : it’s quite easy actually….

So yarnbombing is always easier if you crochet 🙂

Crocheting Starfish….


And then crochet a fish tail….


The very fun part : a bikini top…. (I could wear that !) 😀

(basically I crochet 2 starfish, added a yellow border to it, and crochet 2 long blue chains in there) 🙂


And that’s where the real challenge starts : create a blond wig…. I’ve found few things to help me on Pinterest for that 😉


Sewing things together….

Yarnbombing Yarnbombing

And finally setting that all together on the statue 🙂

Yarnbombing in Portland

Yarnbombing in Portland

Yarnbombing in Portland   Yarnbombing in Portland Yarnbombing in Portland

Yarnbombing in Portland

Yarnbombing in Portland

I hope this made you smile too, because that’s actually why I’m doing this ! 🙂

Yarnbombing in Portland


LATER UPDATE : this yarnbombing became kind of viral in Portland (and on instagram too). I felt like I had my moment of fame for a few days, and it made so many people smile around town that this was the best way for me to leave Portland and be back in France (although, really, I wish I could stay in pdx).

It even recently made it to buzzfeed  (check #20 of their list)

Being able to make so many people smile is definitely cheering me a bit up, despite being able to live in Portland for good.

🙂 Thanks for enjoying my silliness!  🙂

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