YARNBOMBING – a watering can for Winter

yarnbombing-watering can

I love yarnbombing !

I don’t know about you, but these days, it’s difficult to follow what’s going on with the weather : cold and grey, and 2 days later, a full sun.

You have to protect your plants, putting them out will lead them into frozen ones, and letting them in will put them in a hazard zone because of my cat… tough choice.

With this weather, all you want is to stay at home… so, while watching my hyacinth grow, I had this idea, just to make my own world a little bit more happy and colorful…

To me, yarnbombing this was the perfect sum up for global warming. Since now strawberries are growing in December, I assume my watering can needs to be covered in case it’s cold again.

I’ve hesitated in between 2 color ranges, so I’ve decided to knit both on each side, and here is the results in photos :


 yarnbombing arrosoir - small yarnbombing arrosoir - small-28 yarnbombing arrosoir - small-4 yarnbombing arrosoir - small-9 yarnbombing arrosoir - small-5 yarnbombing arrosoir - small-14


How do you like it ?

Have you already covered something in your house with yarn ?

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